APE was founded in 2000 by four economists with ample experience in quantitative and qualitative public policy analysis. APE is involved in projects that span from evaluations of social welfare and employment projects to impact assessment of innovation, subsidies in the arts and programs in developing countries.

We have expertise in the following fields:

  • social security
    particularly employment and social security law, sickness and incapacity benefits, reintegration,
  • healthcare and public welfare
    particularly health insurance, management and efficiency issues, 
  • public administration
    particularly financial relationships, administrative costs, distribution models, efficiency measurement,
  • economic policy
    particularly free-market issues such as privatisation and market regulation, regional economic policy,
  • education, art and culture
    particularly financing issues.

APE offers research and consultancy that is:

  • independent
    we don’t serve any established interests,
  • flexible
    we listen to the client without applying standard methods,
  • astute
    we’re incisive and responsive,
  • accessible
    our findings are presented in a clear and understandable way,
  • practical
    our advice is based on feasibility and we take account of administrative relationships and political sensitivities.

Besides economists and econometricians our bureau employs sociologists, lawyers, psychologists, historians and experts in the field of public administration.

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